A complete new journey by Vietroll

A complete new journey by Vietroll

Beginning a new strategy

Beginning a new strategy to explore more opportunities. Vietroll has established and run for a long time by manufacturing mainly rice rubber rollers, rice polishing rubber and new kinds of Tinplate can.

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Aside from marketing campaigns in domestic markets, Vietroll will start a big move by allocating a marketing campaign to target consumers by their shopping experience with digital technology.

As for shopping experience or shopping behaviour in current and the breakdown of brick and mortar during coronavirus disease spreaded out widely, we would take in advance to embrace digital shopping experiences in order to catch up the rapid technological development into real-world shopping experiences.

Online shopping will be a future path to purchase goods/services by users to reduce the barrier of geography distance and other factors involved. In this new era, customers can easily contact us “whenever and wherever they are”; plus, target users could surf out our company information or any products relatively via websites or any engine sites tools. 

Enter the E-Commerce market

Another strategy, Vietroll also has located an online and mobile marketplace in retail and wholesale trade.

One of our platforms is emphasized – “Alibaba”, which leverages the power of new technology.

Alibaba website is one of the most innovative and successful e-commerce in the digital world. This online platform is a touchpoint to help more online-users comprehend our company through business profile, catalogue, full of details in pictures and video.

Based on the connection and growth of Alibaba, we can enable exposure and opportunities to connect customers and build-up trust and branding in an approach of value added to business. 

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