About quality

With more than 10 years of operation in the industry, Vietroll’s main products (rice grinders, tin / tin cans, rice balls, PU plastic) are trusted by the domestic market of Vietnam and the overseas market. Vietroll is confident to be a leader in the field (owning the most modern machinery, the most advanced technology, carefully selected input materials

All production stages are strictly controlled by the 5S management system along with its own standards to create the right formulas to meet all the machinery criteria of each region at the right price. reason to bring satisfaction to customers.

Vietroll has made a great reputation at home and abroad, with the rice milling roller produced by the company being present in most of the country in Vietnam: the Mekong Delta, the central provinces, the North and other countries. Rice milling industry develops in the world. For that achievement, we always produce the right products with the motto: PRODUCT QUALITY & REASONABLE PRICE

More than anyone else, we understand that customer satisfaction is the measure of the success of our business. Therefore, we always respect and listen to customers’ ideas and expectations for the best products.

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