VIETROLL RUBER ROLL CO.,LTD STABLE - PRESTIGE - PROFESSIONAL VIETROLL is confident to be the leading company in the field .Owning modern machinery, the most advanced technology, input materials carefully selected, applying JIS (Japanese technology standard) ADVANCE MANUFACTURING VIETROLL has made a great reputation at home and abroad, with the paddy husking roller produced by the company, which is present in most of Vietnam: the Mekong Delta, the Central provinces, the North and countries have developed rice milling industry in the world PRODUCT QUALITY & REASONABLE PRICE.


Manufacturer is strategically equipped fully on various types of mechanization and automation technology right before proceed to mass production.


Our processing asks for specialized expertise to manage and control, as well as provide the most advanced products and services to customer.


We have been engaged with modern units for all production processes in order to utilize the development of 4.0 technology.


Once the production is completed on schedule, we will continue to proceed the shipping to customer on timing.

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About Us

Our factory equipped with modern machinery and advanced technology with the best quality materials to production, Beside that, product quality controlled strictly by JIS quality standard.

In order to meet the requirements of customer and  consumers with various conditions area, We are always improvement quality, innovative research and deliver a wide range of products suitable by specific requirements of each customer.

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About Quality

The main products of Vietroll include: Rice Rubber Roller, Metal Can, Rice Polishing Bars.

For each type of product, we always ensure the standard quality and have many models and colors for customers to choose from.

Product categories

Product Category

Rice milling shaft

The rice mill shaft is also known as the rulo, which is an important spare part of the rice milling machine.

With the right hardness, it helps to increase the gloss and reduce the rate of rice breakage.

Rice Rubber Polisher

The Rice Rubber Polisher known as Rice Polishing Bar is made from natural rubber (which has gone through strict control procedures according to standards) in rice polishing machine.

Rice Rubber Roller

The rice rubber roller is used as spare assembly equipment in the Rice milling machine (Rice husking machine). When the system of the rice paddle rotates, the grain will pass through and peel the hull to produce the rice grain easily without damaging the rice.

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