Quy trình xay xát lúa – Cơ khí hoá trong sản xuất lúa

Quy trình xay xát lúa – Cơ khí hoá trong sản xuất lúa

Harvest stage to rice milling plant stage

There is a quote to be mentioned, “Rice is life”, which shows the importance of rice to human life as an economic food. Have you ever thought of how white rice is produced? While people consume every day, this small-shaped rice has created a form of whiteness and beauty in outlook, but which has to go through a meticulous and methodical rice milling process. Under the support of advanced modern high-tech equipment, the rice milling process becomes easier and gets higher on both productivity and efficiency. During the operation of processing, the finished product resulted in dry and shiny rice, bran grains were filtered separately and then pressed into molds used to make coal dust-free.

Harvest stage to rice milling plant stage
Harvest stage to rice milling plant stage

Thereafter being harvested in the field, the rice is transported to the factory to dry and reach the moisture content, according to technical specifications. Regarding the storage and preservation of rice while drying and after drying, it must be in a dry place to conduct rice milling, which must also be strictly controlled according to the given standards. From there, remove stones and classify by-products such as firewood, rice husk pellets or raw bran before proceeding to rice production.

Rice milling system
Rice milling system

Rice grains have been milled and used a conveyor belt for separating colours according to each type of rice. This processing will give a stable quality, even if the colour of the rice grain is beautiful in sync. According to the percentage of broken rice or the requirements of customers, the rice grain will proceed to the polishing step to make the rice grain shining-glowing; and enhance the preservation.

The rice milling process can be summarized in 3 simple steps:

1. Paddy rice peeled and be sieved

In the Paleolithic, thousands of years ago, the ancestors often used a form of sharp rocks to thresh rice to separate the rice grain from the husk. This separation process took a lot of time and effort.

Vietnamese traditional rice milling
Vietnamese traditional rice milling

In previous decades, people have begun applying a new method that is faster and more effective, which is “pounding rice”. The tools for pounding rice were a large stone mortar and a sturdy wooden pestle. The process of doing this pounding work is usually done by two persons. One is in charge of pounding, and the other is responsible for stirring and placing the rice inside the mortar. This pounding rice stage will be ended when the husk is completely removed and peeled into white rice in manual. Compared to the Paleolithic period, pounding rice is more efficient but not less time and more labour intensive.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the rice milling process has become much simpler and automated. We have rice husking machines to cater for this labour-intensive period. The manufacturer only needs to pour the rice into the separator, the machine will automatically separate the outer husk layer. The finished product is brown rice (hulled rice).

In the Rice Milling Machine, the most important and essential spare part is the Rice rubber roller. This is the key product that determines the productivity and efficiency of this process.

We will have an article related to the topic of how the rice mill works. Accordingly, it clearly states the importance of rice rubber roller products in the agriculture industry.

2. Whitening rice stage

The next step in the rice milling process is to whiten the rice. Regards to this stage, the new rice grain looks brighter in glossy and gets eye-catching before reaching the consumer. When performing this step, a rice whitening machine is the most necessary mechanical product.

In particular, this performance of the operation will not reduce the nutritional value of rice. Besides that, the taste of rice will still be preserved, sometimes it would be better. Currently, we offer spare parts of rice whitening to utilise in a series of rice whitening machines.

The spare part used in the rice whitening machine is called Rice Polisher Rubber Brake. This object is related to the output quality of finished rice.

3. Polisher stage and storage

Pure white rice is beautiful but it is not enough. Despite whitening, rice grain should be glossy, bright, shiny and smooth under sunshine, thus buyers will be interested and attractive. Therefore, the final stage will be continually improving the polishing of rice in appearance and help prolong the storage life of the rice.

All in words, three stages are determined to create high-quality rice; which is indispensable to make a bowl of wonderfully delicious and yummy rice. The quality of rice grains is for every consumer and their family to have a great meal with a bowl of white rice. What if the low-quality rice gained, the factory will consider and substitute for other products. However, some of the traders are illegally deceiving consumers by selling bleach white rice with a chemical. This practice has seriously impacted the health of consumers with mild poisoning, severe cancer and even caused death. To be saying that, all buyers need to be clever shopper in purchasing rice and avoid inartificial white rice, an unnatural colour. Most importantly, please purchase healthy and high-quality rice at a reputable and trust distributor.

The equipment and machinery listed above are copyright of Bui Van Ngo company

Reference source: sokhcn.vinhphuc.gov.vn – Tien Dat – 2020

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