1.1 Ensuring quality of goods, technical origin of products and following the production process.
    1.2 Export financial invoices to customers when delivery.
    1.3 Responsible for registering promotions with the Ministry of Industry and Trade
    1.4 Responsible for warranty and return products for customers, please refer to Article 6 below.
    2.1 With a public pricing policy listed through the Company’s Quotation, Viet Roll Company is committed to providing the most competitive price for all products sold by the company.
    2.2 In case customers buy goods from afar, the method of proceeding is as follows:
    – Customers find out product information, specifications via the company’s website or contact the Consultant by phone, e-mail, chat …
    – Customers contact Vietnamese Roll staff to confirm the order by e-mail, fax, phone, and also determine the shipping method.
    3.1 Viet Roll Company only delivers goods at ports or warehouses in the inner city. Ho Chi Minh.
    3.2 In case the customer requests transportation to the suburbs, western provinces, Viet Roll Company will collect additional shipping fees. Depending on the location of the customer’s delivery requirements, the quantity and type of goods of the company order will be agreed on each specific case with the maximum customer support.
    3.3 Delivery of goods by rail, road, air and sea by shipping companies to take charge of customers’ requests and pay by customers
    3.4 In case the product you receive is not correct as the order, please immediately notify the Sales Department as soon as possible, in order to be authenticated and resolved.
    4.1 The customer pays immediately upon confirmation of the order or the time and value of payment are agreed upon by the two parties and implemented according to the signed contract.
    4.2 Contract value is paid in cash or by transfer to the company’s account.Account name: VIET ROLL RUBBER CO., LTD
    Account number (VND): 62450769
    At the bank: ACB – Sun Cho Lon

    4.3 If there is a change in the payment account, the company will notify the customer in writing.

    5.1 Detailed information for products that we publish, however, we cannot commit to provide full details and updates accurately, completely, without errors for each product posted. download on Website: compared to actual products, because the pictures are pictures or pictures taken.
    5.2 If you buy products from agents or shops that suspect products that are illegally produced, copied, counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, unknown origin …, please inform them immediately. I Hotline: 0272 377 9393 to be authenticated and resolved.
    5.3 Any information you need to know about the product, suggestions or complaints please contact us:
    Hotline: 0272 377 9393 for information authentication and support.
    6.1 Product and warranty period
    All products manufactured by Vietnamese roll company and officially distributed in Vietnam market will be covered by the following warranty:
    Product warranty period is confirmed based on the printed information in the product.
    Viet Roll Company ensures the ability to supply, exchange / return products within the valid warranty period of products.6.2 Regulations on product exchange / return
    – Damage caused by technical errors in the production process of the manufacturer.
    – The product must remain in its original form, product label.
    – Products not subject to warranty rejection specified in Article 6.3.

    6.3 Conditions for denying warranty
    – Products are damaged by natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning, insects, animals.
    – Product deformed due to heat impact, impacted by direct sunlight.
    – The product is placed in dirt, moisture, water, water.
    – Products with mold marks, rust or corrosion, oxidation by chemicals.
    – The product is damaged by being thrown.
    – The product is damaged due to overloading.
    – The product is damaged due to wrong use, wrong purpose.
    – Products installed, maintained, improperly used according to the instructions of the company causing damage.
    – Customers cause defects such as deformation, cracking, scratching.

    All Terms and Conditions (and all obligations arising out of these Terms and Conditions or related) will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and such amendments will be effective immediately at the time of posting on the Website: https://vietroll.vnBefore deciding to buy goods, customers make sure that they understand and agree with the above regulations.
    8.1 Collection purpose and scope:
    – The main data collection on includes: email, phone, full name and customer address. These are the information that vietroll needs to provide users when required to ask questions or send feedback to the Company.
    8.2 Scope of use of information
    The company uses user-supplied information to:
    – Providing services to users;
    – Delivery according to the address provided by the user
    – Send marketing and promotional emails about goods sold by us;
    – Communicate and solve with users in special cases;
    – Do not use personal information of users other than to confirm and contact customers
    8.3 Time to store information
    – Personal data of users will be stored within 1 year or when requested by the customer to cancel.
    – In case the user wants to delete all information about the customer, please contact us at the address below:
    – Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information
    Address: Lot MB2-2 + 3, Duc Hoa 1 Industrial Zone, Hamlet 5, Duc Hoa Dong Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam,
    Tel: +84 -272.3779393 | Fax: +84 -272.3779392 Email:
    – If users believe that we have provided our information to a third party without the user’s consent, then the user has the right to appeal to us at the address above.
    – Our company is obliged to resolve issues related to the confidentiality of customer information when considering the evidence provided by the customer is reasonable.
    8.4 Commitment to protecting personal information of customers:
    – Personal information of users on the website is committed by Viet roll to absolute confidentiality under Viet roll’s personal information protection policy. The collection and use of information of each user is only done with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided by law.
    – Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party any personal information of users without permission from the user.
    – We will provide a number of information such as: name, address, phone number to the shipping service provider when using shipping forwarding services.
    – In case the host of information attacked by hackers leads to loss of personal data of customers, Viet roll will be responsible for informing the case to the investigating authorities promptly and notify known customers.
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