Well, all of us know what rice is and how it looks like? Have you ever wondered how rice is made and its process can be complicated or not? How does rice rubber roller affect to wheet and rice?

Rice has gone through many stages before it reaches the consumer. During those periods, the hulling was an essential stage to transform the rice paddy to white rice after harvest. While the rice hulling machine works, you can gain huge tons of white rice shortly.

But in order to achieve that condition, the rice rubber roller is established for being a part of the machine that can’t be used without. So what is a rice rubber roller?

In terms of Rice rubber roller, used as a spare parts assembly equipment for rice milling machines. Rice rubber roller plays an extremely important role in the modernisation and automation of the rice production industry

As of the photo above, When the rice paddle system rotates, the grains will pass through and peel off the shells, making it easy to produce rice grains without damaging the rice.

However, it is unrealistic to install the air-conditioning in the warehouse where the material is stored. It is necessary to keep the temperature and humidity environment of the rubber roller and apron processing room consistent with that of the workshop. This can prevent the rubber roller and apron from being affected by the external temperature and humidity. Change and shrink or expand, which is the key to prevent and solve the winding of the rubber roller and apron on the machine.

From the perspective of the structure and composition of the rubber roller, the elastic factors that affect the high elastic rubber roller include the memory structure of the rubber roller and the diameter of the rubber roller. The analysis of the degree of vulcanization during the production process of the rubber roller is related to the dispersion of the rubber roller and the rubber roller.

Before the bulk purchase of hoses, make sure that the type, specifications, performance and yarn quality of the selected hoses are fully understood.

The bearing and hose storage accounts are established between the top rollers, which mainly record the storage status of different bearings and hoses, including the type and geometry of the hoses.

Dimensions, outer packaging marks, surface color, roundness, hardness and elasticity, whether there are cracks and delamination on the surface, whether the tube wall thickness is uniform, etc., check the purchased new iron shell and mandrel, and strictly quality acceptance technical standards, When making rubber rollers, you must first check the iron shell and mandrel to eliminate unqualified products.

The quantity and storage of the rubber hose should be the principle of avoiding the aging of the rubber layer. Polyurethane rubber is the abbreviation of polyurethane rubber. Polyurethane rubber is a non-hydrocarbon polar rubber with excellent abrasion resistance and is called “abrasion-resistant rubber”. Its mechanical strength is 2 to 3 times that of natural rubber and its hardness range. It is wide and has high elasticity under high hardness, which is unmatched by other rubbers. The adhesion of polyurethane rubber to metal is also better than ordinary rubber, so more and more ordinary rubber rollers are replaced by polyurethane rubber rollers.

When designing rubber rollers and aprons, ensure that the wear rate does not exceed the allowable value to improve the abrasion resistance and pressure resistance of the rubber rollers; resilience is the most important physical property of the rubber rollers and aprons. Good resilience, can well eliminate the “viscoelastic” problem of rubber rollers and aprons during fast spinning, and effectively improve spinning quality; surface treatment methods for rubber rollers are used to improve their surface anti-winding performance.

With the instability of temperature and humidity, this method will achieve a certain improvement, but it will also cause a certain drop in the quality of the yarn. The constant change of the friction force on the circumference of the rubber roller-the holding force, at the same time caused the instability of the control force of the apron on the fiber bundle, which deteriorated the entire drafting state. Therefore, in addition to the obvious 9 cm mechanical wave in the spectrogram, it will also cause multiple draft waves in different positions. Severe thermal deformation of the rubber roller will produce undesirable consequences.

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